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salviadivinorumSalvia Divinorum although still not extensively known about has been steadily growing in recognition over the last few years. It has been used for centuries for healing patients and spiritual ceremonies by smoking incense. Today, people are discovering Salvia Divinorum as a dominant tool for meditation as well as the exploration of consciousness.

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Chemistry of Salvia Divinorum

http://www.parkswholesaleplants.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/salvia-empire-mix.jpg?96f0cfSalvia Divinorum has its origin in sage genus and mint. Also known as diverner’s sage, this herb is simply among the best varieties of salvia. The Mazatec Indians use this immaculate herb for the purpose of divination, curing and medication. The fact about chemistry of salvia is not very well known due to limited research on the subject. However, in recent past, the scientists have waked up and realized the utilities of chemistry of salvia for varied health benefits. Chemistry of salvia is inclusive of several elements. The major dynamic hallucinogenic chemical is Salvinorin-A and the other elements include Salvinorins B-F, Divinatorins A and diterpenes. Salvinorin A is the most well known hallucinogen that occurs naturally. Salvinorin A works with 200µg parenterally. There are several kappa-agonist drugs are utilized in the medical ground. As per several research works, Salvinorin A is a discriminating agonist of the kappa opioid receptors. However, it is not known whether the commanding effects of Salvia Divinorum can be featured entirely or in part to kappa agonism. Salvia Divinorum is tremendously powerful but usually handy. Thus, chemistry of salvia can be so effective.

There are different usages and effects of chemistry of salvia. Earlier, fifteen to twenty fresh leaves of salvia were chewed for ingesting salvinorin. When Salvinorin-A is ingested it becomes inactive. This happens because the digestive enzymes of our body demolish the active elements of chemistry of salvia. Hence, the leaves were chewed to get the benefits of salvia. Another form of using the chemistry of salvia is vaporization and smoking. Dry leaves of salvia can be smoked. For smoking the salvia, a very high temperature (like a direct flame) is required.

Thus, a hookah can be used to smoke the essential elements of salvia. However, if the chemistry of salvia is taken with tobacco, the effected will be reduced or eliminated totally. The chemistry of salvia is useful for meditation also. If it is not taken in very high dose, one can retain his/her consciousness. If the level of dose gets one, one might loose the control over the body, consciousness of externalities and disappearance of individual personality. If salvia is taken in moderate or large dose.

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What Happens When You Smoke Salvia

3056-salvia-divinorumSmoking salvia produces two different effects on people that include an out of body experience where you are totally lost, or a lighter feeling such as being high. Smoking salvia divinorum is just like smoking tobacco in a pipe, but the effect is much stronger than what you will feel from any other herb that you can smoke. Smoking salvia is gaining popularity by the week, and salvia stores are popping up everywhere. If you already smoke tobacco you will probably be comfortable with smoking Salvia. An average dose of salvia is around 1 or 2 grams, however, when smoking salvia the dose is only as much as you inhale. Smoking provides a relatively short, but potentially very intense experience, whereas sublingual absorption provides a substantially longer lasting and somewhat more gentle experience. Smoking seems to be the most effective and enjoyable method of using Salvia divinorum, and is particularly suitable for first-time users. You should be aware that salvia suitable for smoking purposes is available in different strengths and forms, for the sake of your own health, always get standardized extract when possible.

If you find salvia to be too strong of an experience, try smoking a combination of salvia, and damiana and/or passion flower. Extracts allow one to explore deeper levels than are available using plain leaf. A good extraction will look very green–almost like the salvia leaves where dried up, and then crumpled. In my personal opinion a good starter extraction for salvia is the salvia extraction 10x (salvia comes in 5, 10, 16, 20 e. Also there are two different types of extracts.

One of which is a “non-standardized extract” basically its extracted salvia infused with the leaf (which of course is not extracted) so non-standardized extract isn’t as potent as “standardized extract”–which is a pure extract from the leaf, not infused with the leaf. The most potent of salvia extracts is something called a “Tincture” basically its salvia in the purest form possible. The high consists of mild, to very heavy and psychedelic “trips”. Many people will put too much salvia in their bowl (usually extracted salvia mind you) and will smoke it and have a bad trip.

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